Assorted Topped Brownies

Assorted Topped Brownies


Simply choose from: Standard Brownie, Brownie with a touch of sea salt, Biscoff Brownie, Curly Wurly Brownie, Chocolate Orange Brownie, Smarties Brownie, Pretzel Topped Brownie, White Choc Chip Brownie, Popcorn Brownie - mix and match all you like!


Sitting with your laptop, wherever you’ve managed to grab a seat and get a couple of hours done while the kids rampage their way through the house and you desperately try to block out the sound, you glance at the clock and it’s time for your break – you know the one you’d take if you were at your desk at the office, with your friends in the (longed for) adult only zone of work!


Well, how about you make that break happen at home, with the kids and even the spouse!


Call time on all that noise and make them a deal – you will order a box of the mouth-watering brownies from this amazing home-baker you’ve heard of, and in return the family will go about their own work (spouses included here!) quietly and after a couple of hours of calm, productive schoolwork and adult work you will all meet in the kitchen and along with mugs of tea/coffee/hot chocolate, you will happily munch your way through a delicious, (with that exquisitely crunchy top you only get on a really, really good one) brownie.


The rest of the afternoon passes with that fabulous chocolate glow you only get from a really, really good brownie – the kids pass out while watching a movie and you get to snuggle up on the sofa (with or without spouse) and read that new book you bought but simply haven’t had time to start.


So, ignore those naysayers who say chocolate won’t help you – with one of our brownies you’ve just aced your week and still love your family!


AND THE BEST BIT - THE PRICES INCLUDE DELIVERY IN THE UK. Delivery is usually 2-3 days, if you require them for a specific date, tell us in the box below.




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