Wedding cake designer in Lockdown – my story

Like all suppliers in the wedding industry lockdown came as a huge shock – with all of my summer wedding bookings seemingly cancelled overnight and due to a ban on all gatherings, even birthday and anniversary orders were doubtful.

Initially, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, I did have a slight panic. In my previous life I’d practised as a Solicitor and while a pandemic of this scale affects us all, I would have had my job – and my salary. Summer 2021 is booking up nicely, I still had a few orders for small weddings later this year that had not postponed and a variety of children’s birthday cakes to design and make, but I needed something else to keep me afloat for as long as COVID-19 continued to threaten us all.

I have spent two years developing and growing my business and am very proud of the results I have achieved – I refused to believe it could be wiped out. Taking to my chair I sat – with my wife, and over a glass or two of red wine we discussed the future and what we could do.

I took the opportunity of having very little work to address all the stuff that I simply hadn’t had time for previously – all the mundane tasks and admin that just get overlooked while I’m designing and creating my cakes.

I retreated to my office and over the following three weeks set about developing the business. I added content to the website, posted on social media, wrote ideas and plans for the future down and got creative.Following Christmas and before lockdown, I had had several ideas relating to adding to the services I offer - one of these being brownies delivered by post. Now did seem the perfect time to address this idea.

Gathering my ingredients, I set to work and soon the kitchen was filled with the dreamy smell of warm chocolate brownies. Now obviously, these needed testing so with safety foremost in my mind, I packaged some up and delivered them to local neighbours and friends.

I wanted to create a really, really chocolatey tasting brownie – moist in the middle and that delectable slightly chewy exterior – the feedback was a big thumbs up so I started baking on a larger scale just to accommodate requests to send to immediate family and friends of the neighbours.

I sourced more small brown boxes and set to work marketing for further sales. Through the use of Facebook and my website alone, I had a hundred and three sales in the first ten days. These were carefully wrapped, with any requested personal messages included and posted out. With only one package going astray, all were safely delivered to very happy customers.

I’ve since added various toppings to the brownies, whilst also catering for customers who simply want a good brownie. Due to popular requests I have also added a reduced sugar brownie to the collection as well as offering dairy free, gluten free and vegan options. All Safety and Hygiene requirements were met.

Only the finest ingredients are used when I make my delicious brownies and they are all lovingly handmade by me.

I am also still taking orders for wedding cakes, but you will have to wait for my next blog to find out all about those.

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