Wedding cake designer in Lockdown – my story

Like all suppliers in the wedding industry lockdown came as a huge shock – with all of my summer wedding bookings seemingly cancelled overnight and due to a ban on all gatherings, even birthday and anniversary orders were doubtful.

Initially, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, I did have a slight panic. In my previous life I’d practised as a Solicitor and while a pandemic of this scale affects us all, I would have had my job – and my salary. Summer 2021 is booking up nicely, I still had a few orders for small weddings later this year that had not postponed and a variety of children’s birthday cakes to design and make, but I needed something else to keep me afloat for as long as COVID-19 continued to threaten us all.

I have spent two years developing and growing my business and am very proud of the results I have achieved – I refused to believe it could be wiped out. Taking to my chair I sat – with my wife, and over a glass or two of red wine we discussed the future and what we could do.

I took the opportunity of having very little work to address all the stuff that I simply hadn’t had time for previously – all the mundane tasks and admin that just get overlooked while I’m designing and creating my cakes.

I retreated to my office and over the following three weeks set about developing the business. I added content to the website, posted on social media, wrote ideas and plans for the future down and got creative.Following Christmas and before lockdown, I had had several ideas relating to adding to the services I offer - one of these being brownies delivered by post. Now did seem the perfect time to address this idea.

Gathering my ingredients, I set to work and soon the kitchen was filled with the dreamy smell of warm chocolate brownies. Now obviously, these needed testing so with safety foremost in my mind, I packaged some up and delivered them to local neighbours and friends.

I wanted to create a really, really chocolatey tasting brown