Let me start this, the first blog of 2022 by wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Where on earth did the last three months of 2021 go? I have asked a multitude of people and I know that I am not the only one.

After a really busy run up to Christmas, the family and I settled down to a much-needed relaxing break. We welcomed a new addition to the family; my second grandchild, a girl, was born in November and has been named Eleanor.2 We are thrilled, and she and her parents are doing really well. So that’s both of my children with a baby of their own.

To 2022 – After two years of cancellations, changed plans and general chaos in the Wedding Industry, there does appear to be a small glimmer of light as we slide into the new year. Many couples gave up on holding their wedding in 2021 and so this year looks like it could be a bumper one for couples tying the knot.

Wedding Fayres are back this year, and this is a great time and place to go and find the details for your wedding. From dress to flowers, venue to cake you can be sure that the suppliers at a fayre will be looking to answer any questions and get those items on your ‘To-Do’ list ticked off.

Wedding Fayre Dates for 2022.

Nottingham Belfry Wedding Show - Sunday, 16th January 2022

Leicester Tigers Wedding Show – Sunday 6th March 2022

Colwick Hall Wedding Show –Sunday 20th March 2022


January is a time when the wedding industry look ahead and make predictions regarding the following year. Colour schemes, dress styles, venues, and food choices all come under scrutiny while the experts inform us what they think will be the big hitters. It is often the case that the experts differ on their opinions so depending on what you read and when be prepared for lots of different forecasts.

Let’s start with the cake. Where else would you expect a baker to start…

White wedding cakes will always be a classic choice – elegant, delicate and extremely classy, but if that is not what you are after then there is a whole host of choice. Pressed florals were a huge hit in 2021 and made up a large number of the cakes I made. Pretty, organic blooms are the perfect addition for all kinds of wedding, from rustic right across the board to a fairy-tale garden wedding. The colours have a unique feeling to them and the ones I made intentionally didn’t match the wedding colours, making the cake stand out with its own style and beauty.

Small individual cakes were a big hit too last year and it seems they may be here to stay. Couples liked the idea of using the cakes as the dessert to their meal – something I have been suggesting for ages. This makes for a marvellous treat for guests and is a lovely alternative to providing a slice from the bigger cake.

On the same theme, I also made a few smaller ‘cutting’ cakes last year. This was due to the restricted number of guests; my couples wanted a cake, so I simply designed the cake and then scaled it down to suit the occasion. I think that this may well continue this year while we still face some uncertainty regarding gathering together.

Another stand out design is using textiles on the cake to coordinate with lacework on the dress, or a pattern from the theme of the wedding. This is a real impact cake and completed with fresh flowers is sure to be a continued favourite this year.

Bold in black, or vibrantly colourful, maybe even an outstanding art masterpiece, designing a wedding cake starts with the couple and their thoughts and ideas about the cake they want to reflect their day. For some, this means the addition of popping candy, Percy Pigs or even their favourite board games to their cake. The choice is very much up to the couple, and I am always delighted when faced with a new challenge.

Other trends…

Ranging from elopement to home garden weddings, there appears to be a similar theme to last year in that a lot of couples are opting for smaller, more intimate weddings. Elopement packages are provided by venues whereby the couple have the ceremony, a meal and a mini moon for a few nights. Plans for holding a party at a later date or using the money for a luxury honeymoon when the time is right. It does seem as though this option, which started to catch the imagination of many last year, will continue into this.

Sustainability is also a hot topic for 2022. Modern wedding planning includes electronic wedding invites, a vegan menu, using gold from recycled rings to make new ones and buying second-hand dresses. One big issue for many venues is the use of confetti, so replacing that with rice or dried leaves and flowers is also a great idea.

Valentine’s Day approaches!

Last year we introduced a chocolate brownie heart for our Valentine’s Day gift. This was decorated, presented nestled amongst pink and white marshmallow, before being carefully wrapped, boxed and dispatched to new homes across the country.

Lots of our clients sent to family, friends and loved ones, but we also had a considerable number of orders from people sending the hearts as a Thank You to their clients. The feedback was superb, and the brownies were all well received. Owing to this success, we figured it made sense to do the same this year.

Valentine’s is all about love and appreciation and receiving a chocolate brownie through the post is a lovely way to tell someone that you are thinking of them. Chocolate lovers will appreciate the perfection of a rich decadent brownie.

Brownies are, sadly not for ever, but they do pack a punch as an outstanding gift that provides instant pleasure, a delicious taste and the knowledge that the recipient is loved.

Brownie Subscriptions

A simply brilliant option for gifting has got to be one of our Brownie Subscriptions. This is the true essence of a ‘Gift that just keeps giving. ‘A box of brownies once a month is most definitely a great way to indulge and treat a friend, family member or the team at work. You can choose to do this for 3, 6 or 12 months. Alternatively, or as well as, why not add yourself to the subscription list. Brownies are superb puddings and if you chop them into bite-sized pieces and then freeze them they are available to be added to ice-cream and or custard.

Eating a brownie really is like wrapping a soft, cashmere blanket around your shoulders. Now, eat a brownie while you are cocooned in cashmere - I just don’t know how you could feel happier or more content. Maybe add a coffee or a glass of red!

Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2022 from us all at Tree House Cakes.

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