September Blog: 2021 Who Turned off the Sun?

Hello and welcome to September’s blog. This month it’s all about wedding and special birthday cakes, an array of brownie chat and pondering where the sun has gone.

Last month I talked about the rise of the staycation and this month I have heard of more and more people braving the queues and longer checking-in times and for holidays starting at the airport. It can’t be the duty-free shopping, although if you are old enough you will remember how cheap shopping abroad could actually be, so it must be the lure of being able to step onto a beach again – with sunshine, warm sea and that distinctive smell of adventure.

It has been a very hectic couple of months– never a bad thing and I have had lots of fun making some terrific cakes, but it is time to take a break. Heading off and away from the kitchen is always a wrench, but the alternative could mean injury from my wife. Only joking, but she does put up with me working long hours, so a break always does us both good. We are taking to the road for the first week of September and will be visiting both family and friends.

Speaking of terrific cakes, whilst making one for a 21st birthday celebration I got to wondering why we mark the 21st birthday whilst following significant dates end in zero. Unless you are a friend of mine who literally shrieks with joy at every one of hers! So, where was I – oh yes, why should the 21st have such importance? When a free moment presented itself, I fired up the laptop made a pot of my favourite Safi Coffee and entered the exciting world of Google. I hope you enjoy what I found.

Why do we celebrate those big birthdays?

Milestone birthdays are, simply put, significant milestones in your life – they represent an age when something is either attributed to you or expected of you and they introduce a so-called, new phase of life.

By 30 you might / should / ought to be thinking about settling down, owning a home and starting a family. Remember, this is traditional thought, and only aimed at women by the way, so, if you weren’t married and had at least one child by the time you were 30 you were considered to be ‘on the shelf, an old maid etc. Fast forward to 40 and your career is well established, 50 is all about having a more settled, financially free life and by 60, well it’s plain sailing into retirement.