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Updated: Feb 1

Okay, so it is suddenly darker and colder and I’m not sure about you, but one jumper just isn’t cutting it – maybe it’s my age. Anyway, this year is on a big fast-forward, and I have packed lots into that time. With weddings, birthdays and brownies to cater for, I have been kept busy in the kitchen and my design studio.

Weddings are back on the agenda in full flow, and I am delighted with the number of consultations I have for next year – and the year after! Designing and making wedding cakes and meeting and working with couples to deliver their dream cake ignites my enthusiasm. While every cake is special to me, some have stood out for the sheer scale of thought and design that the couple have presented me with at the consultation.

The days of the blank look from either or both as I asked what shape, colour, flavour, height they would prefer, never mind what kind of covering or style, are on the way out – even the figures on the top hadn’t been contemplated. But now couples arrive with sketches, photographs, even detailed boards of ideas from Pinterest, which allows the creativity to really flow.

Recently, I have created a two-sided cake, which from the front gave the impression of being a traditional-style three tier cake, adorned with flowers and buttercream. However, from the back the three tiers each resembled the front of a different boardgame. Moving around the cake was surreal, as if there were two separate cakes and the effect was marvellous – even if I do say so myself!

It’s the month for Ghouls

With October, comes the realisation that the warmer weather is over - I do prefer the freshness of spring but there is something a little bit magical about autumn. It’s a great season for walking amid the changing colours and when combined with the thought of comforting food like casseroles and custardy puddings I am almost happy to draw those curtains, light the fire and watch some great tv.

Halloween and Bonfire night are a blink away and I have started designing my Halloween themed treats for delivery and postage later this month. Head to the website for more details but a s a taster think Ghosts, Witches, Pumpkins, Spiders, along with their webs and black cats for Halloween, while rockets, bonfires and sparklers will adorn the Bonfire themed brownies.

And then follows Christmas

Lingering on the horizon is Christmas and while I have some designs in mind, I have not yet had the time or space to make them up. I will be sure to have more details in next month’s blog. After last year’s sell out Reindeer cake, I am hoping that this year’s design will be as popular. Keep an eye on the website for details.

So, to other news

Brownies are always flying out of my kitchen to their new homes, but lately I have also been baking some for the corporate world. Many businesses are starting to return to some kind of face-to-face meetings, and I have been making brownies which are then embellished with the logo of the company involved. Some have been simply to welcome staff back to the office, while others have been to celebrate first in-person meetings.

I have attended a couple of these and really enjoyed the feeling that being back in a room with people gave me. Zoom has saved lots of us from isolation, built businesses and opened windows into people’s lives and homes.

Working from home has long been something that I have loved and somewhat taken for granted. I have many friends in the same situation so have been surprised by the amount of people who’s lives have been enhanced by not travelling to work. While the social aspect is important, the working from home option has taken a lot of pressure from people I know.

I digress – I have been testing brownies for the winter month’s flavours and one of my favourites is without doubt, the black cherry brownie. Now, be warned, these are most strictly for adults. They also happen to go remarkably well with a glass of red wine, which is always the only real way to finish off the weekend.

It is a little known, albeit simple fact, that eating a brownie is like wrapping a soft, cashmere blanket around your shoulders. Now, just imagine eating the brownie whilst wrapped in the cashmere - I just don’t know how you could feel happier or more content.

If you’d like to order some of our Halloween or Bonfire themed brownies, or would simply like a box of comfort-giving, home-made brownies delivered straight to your door, simply head to the website at

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