Make the world around you a nicer place and send a huge, big thank you

Welcome to February and goodbye January. For so many people January is a long month and whether you did ‘Dry January’, ‘no chocolate January’ or simply continued doing whatever it is you do, I hope that you have come out the other end smiling and happy – although I’d personally balk at giving up wine or chocolate. That would have made January even worse to get through!

Mentally shifting from one year to the next can be tough, but it is also the perfect time to address old habits and maybe, just maybe start a new one. Making a change always takes time and sometimes practice but often change is good for the soul. No-one should stay the same way all the time.

Resolutions can be tiring though. Stating that we intend to be more organised, get fitter, eat healthier, stop smoking, join the gym… they can be tiring to type so starting these and sticking to them can be a tall ask. Focusing on one can be the best thing to do and is often a sure way to get some results.

Here is a suggestion…

How’s about setting an intention to just make the world around you a nicer place. Telling someone how much they mean to you can start with the simple act of saying Thank you. Thank you for the little, everyday things they do and the ways they make your life happier, more interesting or a little bit easier. Try thanking your partner when they make a cup of tea, pick up their socks or pop the dishwasher on. Maybe the teenager in the house could do with a hug – just because they act as if they have come from space doesn’t mean that they actually have.

Sometimes saying Thank You is not easy but get some practice in and you will be amazed at the results you will see. The shocked expressions, the grudging smile, maybe even a repeat cuppa.

Being grateful and appreciative doesn’t have to be in return of a favour. Sometimes people just need to hear that they are loved and appreciated no matter how much they irritate you!

Which brings me nicely to our chocolate brownie hearts.


If you have not yet ordered one of our large chocolate brownie hearts, then you had better be quick! Gorgeously decorated, our Valentine’s Day brownie heart is nestled amongst pink and white marshmallow and carefully wrapped, before being boxed and dispatched to new homes far and wide across the country.

It is usual to think of romance and love and all that yukky stuff as a bit OTT, if you are not romantically minded, but stop there… These hearts are not just for the love of your life… Oh no, we saw lots of these head to friends, family members, colleagues and to clients as a huge, big thank you. It’s a simple fact that the last couple of years have been incredibly tough and finding ways to show our thanks have been an important part of getting through it all.

Many of our clients sent the chocolate brownie heart to family, friends and loved one’s last year and I am pleased to say that there are lots and lots of repeat orders for this year!

Valentine’s Day is traditionally about love, which roughly translated mean ‘chocolate’ – well, it does for me so sending one of these hearts is an act of wonderfulness which will be welcomed.

Now remember, brownies are not for ever, but they do pack a punch as an outstanding gift that provides instant pleasure, a delicious taste and the knowledge that the recipient is loved.


I mentioned last month about upcoming Weeding Fayres but thought I’d mention the dates again for anyone not reading my monthly blogs – I mean, I doubt that there are many but well… Fayres are the perfect way to get a grip on those plans while maybe adding some ideas to the day ahead. From dress to flowers, venue to cake you can be sure that the suppliers at a fayre will be looking to answer any questions and get those items on your ‘To-Do’ list ticked off.

Leicester Tigers Wedding Show – Sunday 6th March 2022

Colwick Hall Wedding Show – Sunday 20th March 2022


Brownie Subscriptions make an outstanding gift and really is the epitome of the ‘Gift’ that just keeps giving. A box of brownies once a month is most definitely a great way to indulge and treat a friend, family member or the team at work. You can choose to do this for 3, 6 or 12 months. Alternatively, or as well as, why not add yourself to the subscription list. Brownies make brilliant treats for elevenses, afternoon pick-me-ups and are superb puddings. Chop them into bite-sized pieces before freezing them and then you have the perfect addition to ice-cream and or custard.

Eating a brownie really is like wrapping a soft, cashmere blanket around your shoulders. Now, eat a brownie while you are cocooned in cashmere - I just don’t know how you could feel happier or more content. Maybe add a coffee or a glass of red!

Here’s to a wonderful Valentine’s Day for everyone – A Day for appreciation, friendship and love.

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