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June Blog: 2021 - Let’s talk Summer

Hello and welcome to this month’s blog. Summer is here and wow do we know it – soaring temperatures and a wealth of stunning colours around us. The recent rain has really given my garden a boost and roses, peonies and lavender are in full bloom.

The downside to this glorious weather, for me anyway, is making cakes. I spent one day last week making a wedding cake with three tiers – cake designing, and hot weather are not the ideal companions. However, I am not one to baulk at a challenge and the resultant cake was every bit as wonderful as the couple had envisioned.

This month welcomes Father’s Day to the stage and while sipping my cup of Safi coffee I got to wondering where the idea had originated and why, despite my best efforts it is sometimes not celebrated as much as Mother’s Day.

Firing up the laptop, I made another pot of Safi Coffee, got myself comfy and started reading. As always, I do hope that you enjoy reading what I found out.

Mother’s Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years, but that is not the case for Father’s Day.

Founded in Arkansas, Texas

It’s thought that the day made its appearance in the USA and there are several stories as to who made it happen. The most popular concerns a woman called Sonora Louise Smart whose own mother had died in childbirth leaving her father to bring up the family.

Senora was born in Sebastian County, Arkansas in 1882. She was16 when her mother died and as the only daughter of six children, she was responsible for helping her father raise the other children.

In 1909, Senora was in church and listening to a talk about Mother’s Day – she held her own father in great esteem and couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a Father’s Day, so she determined to make it happen.

She was a quick worker and after gaining the support of the local clergy it is believed that the 19th of June 1910 was the very first, although unofficial, Father’s Day.

The idea spread but it wasn’t until 1966 that the US President, Lyndon B Johnson decided that Father’s Day would be celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Six years later it was signed into law by President Richard Nixon.

Bringing a day to celebrate all fathers did not meet with the same level of enthusiasm as that of Mother’s Day – possibly having something to do with the fact that dads didn’t have the same emotional appeal that mothers had.

The day also had its issues with the recipient of the celebration as many men cast derision on the idea. One historian writes that they ‘scoffed at the holiday’s sentimental attempts to domesticate manliness with flowers and gift-giving, or they decided the proliferation of such holidays as a commercial gimmick to sell more products – often paid for by the father himself.’

This quote made me laugh as I know many men who still feel the same way – but for me and my children, both now grown up, it is a time to come together as a family and relax – with cake and brownies obviously.

Brownie Gifts for Dad

Brownies, as long as you like chocolate, are one of the nicest things to receive. Many of my repeat clients love the simplicity of knowing that the gift they are going to send won’t be left on a shelf, donated to a charity shop or thrown in the bin. And gifts for men can be harder to get right. There I’ve said it – men can be awkward (and I know this because I am one) to buy for and I’m sure my wife would add that I am plain awkward.

Anyway, with a box of brownies the message that you are trying to convey is not only received but appreciated. No socks here!

I have many orders flying out as gifts for fathers across the country so if you are looking to order get over to the website.

Summer Solstice

June is also the month of Summer Solstice which falls between 20th and 22nd of June each year. This year it falls on Monday 21st of June and in the U.K we will all enjoy 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight – the sun will rise at 4.52am and then set at 9.26pm.

Officially, this solstice heralds the beginning of the astronomical summer and happens when the tilt of Earth’s axis is most inclined towards the sun – precisely above the Tropic of Cancer.

There are two solstices reach year – one in the summer and one in the winter – the autumn equinox falls on the 22nd of September.

Conventionally, the summer solstice fell between planting and harvesting time – which gave the land workers time off and to relax. It’s also why June became the favourite month for weddings.

And there is the link back to Cake – because everything should really centre around cake.

It’s good to eat cake at wedding

Now I may have mentioned this before but eating cake at a wedding should be the ‘done thing!’

Why bother with a slice of wilted cheesecake or a chocolate torte when you can just serve your guests directly from your showstopper of a Wedding Cake!

Providing the absolute best that sumptuous desserts can offer, a wedding cake will tick all the requirements needed to finish off the wedding breakfast. A dessert that your guests will remember for all the right reasons and not because they carried it home in a napkin, put it on the worksurface where it stayed, getting more dried up and inedible by the day.

The resultant memory is then not one of a stunningly tasty and moist piece of wedding cake. Oh no – what your guests recall is that they tried to eat it, three days later and it was all dry, so they threw it in the bin. What a waste!

My cakes are designed to be eaten – why else would you have one at a wedding. Let’s spread the word and get wedding cake the true recognition it deserves – not just to sit atop a table looking stunning but to be sliced into, savoured and enjoyed…

Thank you all for reading to the end – any likes and comments are always appreciated.

Wishing you all a pleasant month and here’s to summer.

Remember, the only real way to start or finish any weekend is with a Tree House Brownie and a cup of Safi ground coffee.

‘Eating a brownie really is like wrapping a soft, cashmere blanket around your shoulders.’

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