Trends for 2019

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

With 2019 comes new, fresh and exciting cake style ideas, two ideas are Ferns, Leaves and Herbs and Geometric Shapes. Make sure that whatever special event you have to look forward to this year, your cake is the centrepiece of the occasion by asking for creative finishes with some cake trends we predict are going to explode in 2019!

Geometric Shapes

Geometric patterns and textures are shaping up to be the most popular trend of the year. Let’s face it, it seems like everywhere we look there is some kind of geometric pattern or design, whether it’s in home furnishing or wedding cake decor!

This is a great trend to choose because the designs and effective, and they always look super stylish. It also means you can ask for creative ideas with the decorating and also the shapes of your bespoke cake tiers. Think about triangular tiers, or a hexagon base? Now’s the time!

Ferns, Leaves and Herbs

Adding some greenery to cakes is nothing uncommon and for good reason. Floral decorations adds some colour and elegance to any cake design, especially for summer wedding cake designs. This year, however, we’re tossing aside the traditional flowers and opting for something a little more exotic – think fern leaves, eucalyptus sprigs and fragrant herbs!

Foliage makes an amazing addition to naked wedding cakes, but also make a terrific finishing touch to even the most glamorous fondant designs.

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