It’s no surprise that here brownies are a big deal.

Its why we consider them a comfort food – that home-baked quality and the aroma of chocolate that permeates the air and makes everything seem just that bit brighter. More colourful, happier and whatever kind of day your having, well – suddenly, it’s all doable.

Now I am not suggesting for a minute that brownies are world issue solvers, but I do wonder that if brownies were given to each country’s leaders, during important discussions, outcomes would be smoother – calmer – less reactive and more chilled.

No? Well – okay, just a thought…

Anyhow, brownies are for most a staple in our kitchens. We have all tried to make them at least once –

I know a lady who embarked on a ‘let’s make brownies to entertain the stepsons’ session and discovered a mutual love of baking with the younger, and let’s just say more challenging, boy. It became the norm for them to bake on the weekends they stayed and helped bridge the gap between them emotionally.

But where do these emotionally soothing mouthfuls of bliss derive from? Why do we yearn for that fudgy – squidgy bite full and how is it that so many other ingredients go so well when added to the process of making them?

Apparently, the first reference to a brownie in a book was by Fannie Farmer in her 1896 Boston Cooking-School Cookbook, which surprised me as this seems so recent – and no, I am not that old!

The classic brownie recipe is simple and only has five ingredients – butter, chocolate, sugar, flour and eggs.

There are all kinds of exciting reasons as to why there are different consistencies depending on what the baker makes and what your preferences are. Here at Brownie Towers, we prefer a slightly fudgy texture that takes a bit less flour and no baking powder – by melting the butter instead of creaming it we can get a denser quality which, together with decadent Belgian chocolate results in the luscious fudgy texture that makes our customers order on repeat!

Before I forget there will be some exciting news so read on for more information.

So, to flavours:

Of course, a plain brownie works every time. Whether you eat it after a meal, a stand-alone treat with a coffee or like my friend who cuts them into bite-sized pieces – straight out of the fridge at midnight – a simply plain brownie ticks the chocolate-hit need in us all for comfort.

However, and this is where it can all get complicated, there are an abundance of flavours. I’m not sure that the list is endless but believe me – the requests I get – it often feels like it.

Let’s start with the favourites…

Salted Caramel, Sea Salt, Biscoff, Curly Wurly, Smarties, Pretzel, White choc chip and popcorn. These are available from the website now, but - And here is the exciting news –

Drum roll, please!

We are expanding the flavour line and will be introducing a brownie of the month as well as guest brownies.

So please keep an eye on the website and our Facebook posts for the latest additions to our range – of course, if you have any fabulous ideas regarding flavours do please get in touch.

Spoiler alert…. Raspberry brownies are high on the new orders list as raspberries and chocolate are a simply delectable pairing – the rich chocolate is the perfect companion to balance the sharpness of the raspberries. And my customers love them!

And I am a fan of using fresh raspberries for the simple reason that they just taste so much better. To store simply pop in the freezer – unless you eat them all within three days – and five minutes after taking out they are ready to eat. Delicious.

It is a simple fact that eating a brownie is like wrapping a soft, cashmere blanket around your shoulders – now, try eating the brownie whilst wrapped in the cashmere - I just don’t know how you could beat that loved feeling!

For more information on our product range simply head to the website at brownies

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