April Blog: 2021 - An exciting new partnership

Good grief – where on earth did March go?

Mother’s Day and Easter kept me very busy with boxes of brownies and cakes heading out to their forever homes. I also had a few birthday cakes to design and create which kept me out of mischief.

Now when I say mischief I actually mean thinking about and planning what is coming next – and yes, it is true that I sometimes get carried away and then realise that I simply cannot do all the things I want – yet!

However, this month I have some seriously exciting news for you all… after the usual ideas, meetings and planning stage I can now announce that Tree House Cakes / Brownies will be available in a gift box with the simply wonderful brand that is Safi Coffee.

This is no ordinary coffee tale– this is - So, grab a cuppa, get comfortable and let me share the amazing story behind this seriously good coffee…

The story SO FAR…

In a nutshell, or maybe a coffee bean, Safi Coffee was conceived in 2015 following a school trip to Uganda. I know – how cool is that!

Pupils from Hull Collegiate School get the opportunity to visit Uganda in the sixth form and that year they were out there volunteering in the South West Region of the country at Great Lakes High School (GLHS) and Kirima Parents Primary School (KPPS).

The children and their parents in this region value education because they realise it provides an opportunity that can enable them to escape the cycle of poverty that pervades the country. For many though that opportunity is out of reach. Trapped within the cycle of hardship children have to work from a very young age in order to help their families survive.

On this particular visit, the trip was being led by the Deputy Head of the school, Chris Wainman and the group were taken to a coffee plantation. Upon tasting said coffee, it became very apparent that this made a seriously good tasting cup. The region produces wonderful tasting coffees owing to the rich organic soils and traditional farming techniques.

The coffee is grown in sites around the schools – the perfect chance to make a change for the children there and their families.

In short, the coffee was imported to the UK to be expertly packaged and is run by Hull Collegiate School. The chil