And just like that we are in March!

I had a wonderfully busy run up to Valentine’s Day and my heart-shaped brownies were sent all over the nation. Winging their way through our postal service and into the welcoming arms of loved ones. I feel that it’s fair to say that the heart-shaped brownies were a hit and I really enjoyed writing out all the messages that went with them. So many of you sent the heart to friends and family members. Valentines this year was a date for us all.

With February firmly behind us, we are now into Spring and like so many of you, this time of year really does lift my spirits. The days are longer, there is more colour around and I love to watch the garden as it shakes off the winter.

Mother’s Day 2021

The pandemic swirls around us but that is not going to stop Mother’s Day on the 14th of March happening this year. There will be no ‘official’ day to visit family and friends, but the powers of Zoom or Teams etc. have long been acknowledged now as the go-to, virtual, meeting place. Thanks also to the post, we can send gifts of flowers and chocolate, maybe some brownies, ahead of the date to be opened live on camera should we so wish.

In much the same way that Valentine’s day didn’t start with flowers, hearts and chocolate, I got to wondering where this phenomenon started from…

The origins of Mother’s Day

Originally, Mothering Sunday was a date when folk returned to the church within which they were baptised as children. This saw friends and families reunited for that day. Over time, employers allowed their servants this date off work to return home to their families. Children returned from the big houses where they worked, often with gifts for their Mother which the employer had provided.

The day falls on the fourth Sunday of the Christian festival of Lent and became known as Mothering Sunday in Britain.