2021 Sidestepping the Traditional

Hello and welcome to July’s blog.

Before I get started, I must share with you my exciting news… I have become a Grandad for the first time. Just writing it looks wonderful. My Daughter and Son-in-law have had a little boy, named Zachary James and they are all doing well. My wife and I got our first cuddle in over the weekend – the first of many as you can imagine.

Despite the sun possibly going off on its own holiday, the warmer weather is welcome, and I can work away in the kitchen without the worry of the icing sliding off the cake and onto the floor. Believe me, the heat from last month almost saw that happen. Anyway, as well as making batches of brownies I have also been approached to make a few ‘quirky’ cakes so this month I’d thought I’d wax lyrical about the joys of ‘Sidestepping the Traditional’ and adopting a more unconventional centrepiece for the wedding cake.

Firing up my trusty laptop, I made a pot of Safi Coffee, got myself comfy and as always, I do hope that you enjoy reading some of the things I found.

The rise of the Quirky cake!

Five years ago, if a cake designer had suggested to a couple that they have a Macaroon Tower, a Krispy Kreme donut cake or a naked wedding cake they would most likely have laughed, coughed when they realised you were serious and then given a firm, ‘No!’ But things have changed, and I am being asked regularly for naked cakes, semi naked cakes and character themed wonders.

It’s a fact – a traditional wedding cake will always be in style, however that does not mean that every couple will decide that is the way to go for them is a classic white cake.

A wedding is the perfect opportunity to have a unique day. Maybe, you are obsessed with Haribo sweets and are determined that these will play a major part in the day – think a small bag as the favours, concealed within the napkins, adorning the cake, inside and out – a fun, albeit hyper wedding! One of my friends is determined to have brownies at her ‘next wedding.’ Her current husband would rather she simply had them for a birthday or anniversary treat!