2021 : It is a New Year but not as we know it

Trying to look forward – as to the future – is always a thorny issue in business. Mind you, I imagine that the person who’d have foreseen this last twelve months would have had to have some kind of interest in Dystopian literature.

Envision that conversation, where you were sitting with some friends, this time last year and chatting about the year ahead - and then one of them described what 2020 had had in store for us all.

Firstly, you’d stare open-mouthed at the idea of a national lockdown and then you’d laugh at the word ‘furlough’, the idea that schools and non-essential retail businesses would be closed and then that so many of us would be confined to our homes - with an hour allocated for outdoor exercise!

That so many parents would come to rely on Joe Wicks and his half hour of exercise to get their children (and themselves) focused on the day ahead. I for one, really enjoyed the sessions and will most certainly continue with them this time round. Home-schooling for so many has become a real part of their day – often, while running a business or working for a business.

For now, at least, life must remain at a continued slower pace – with restrictions certainly lasting into early spring.

So, to all things baked.

I had lots of hopes for this spring – lots of plans and lots of wedding cake bookings. The larger events are already choosing to postpone their day and move either further back or into next year. I do have some ‘micromonies,’ (believe me, I had to stop and think for a minute when I read that word recently – I’d simply called them micro weddings before) still going ahead which I am very much looking forward to.